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Thread: Matrix size and spacing query

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    Default Matrix size and spacing query

    Looking at doing a couple of pixel matrix next year to cover two small windows, the window sizes are 45”wide x 36” high and looking at 2” spacing. Would this size of matrix be too small and would pictures/video be clear from say 20ft away? Does anyone have a similar size matrix they have pics or video of?

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    Default Re: Matrix size and spacing query

    i would use 1" spacing in that application. however my answer as well as any other answer will be highly subjective. you should experiment to see what looks good to you.

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    Default Re: Matrix size and spacing query

    At 2" spacing you are talking about 17 x 22 matrix. You need to get to 32 x 32 just to show decent similes or gifs. You will not be able to show videos or pictures with any clarity. I would do 1" spacing on that small of a grid also and stick to gifs.
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