I bought the Boscoyo arches (mini, large and triple), but was unable to mount them following the instructions. Using the instructions the arc that is formed by the 1/2 inch PVC did not quite match the arc of the arches.

The solution however was simple.

I joined the coro arches together and placed them on a piece of OSB, I then traced the outer outline, I repeated the process by moving the arches down by one inch. I then put some screws along both outlines. I carefully inserted the PVC between the sets of screws that will hold the PVC in place. Have one end othe the pipe higher than the other and pour boiling water into the pipe. After about 20 minutes, you can remove the pipe, and cut to the length needed. Continue with the assembly as instructed using an EMT pipe and T couplers.

For the mini arches I used 1/2 inch Pex pipes, following the same process.