I am trying to help a friend of mine out. if this isnt allowed here feel free to delete it.. im just trying to post as many places as I can
i'm trying to help a friend out she has two 3 yr old twin grand kids and herself along with her daughter. who all become homeless when the home she had rented for years out of no where the landlord wanted to sell it they have stayed in a hotel some but that cost loads of money. every where she has tried to rent has became unavailable soon as she put in a application or she didn't have the high first month + deposit right now she cant even rent another hotel cause she has lost her license. its hard trying to work take care of twin girls and worry about where everyone is going to sleep she just needs a break this poor woman has had a hard last few months and if you can donate it would be great if not please share and maybe someone you know can help her out. she lives in Newnan GA. she has tried Churches and other places w/o any luck. I just hope the right person see this and can help this family out.
As of right now 12-15-17 her son came and they used his ID to get a room, I think she said she had enough money for 2 nights. if she could ever just raise the money needed she could get another place to live.