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Thread: Raspberry Pi using Ron's Pi Hat

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    Default Raspberry Pi using Ron's Pi Hat

    I have several of Ron's Pi Hat's which work great along with FPP. I use them mainly for testing and when I want to run a large mass of pixels. Makes it easy since they can run so many pixels of the outputs. I'm having a problem with one Pi that all the pixels connected to the Pi are lighting up when it's plugged in. I can run a test in FPP across them and they behave normally but when the test is turned off they switch on green across all the pixels.

    In each port on the Pi Hat there are 312 12v pixel strips plugged in - these are HDPE Arches, 12 arches with 52 pixels in each arch. Power injection is done at the middle and the end of both sets. No extra power supplied are involved. We're using one of the Holiday Coro outdoor power supplies for the arches.

    I've had some random pixels left on after a show but have all of them lit is new to me. Anyone have any advice on what to start looking at? It seems odd it would happen on both ports like this.


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    Default Re: Raspberry Pi using Ron's Pi Hat

    Set FPP to "Always send data". When the schedule is over it will continue to send the off signal. It sounds like you may have some marginal noise that is covered up when there is an active signal going out.

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