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    Why are digital billboards viewable during complete daylight and P10 panels are not?
    Whats their difference or are P10's viewable during the day and need to change some settings.

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    Default Re: Daylight Viewing

    Your P10 isn't visible during the day? It should be. Mine was when I was using it. Daylight viewing is one of the main reason to use an LED matrix array in the first place. They typically won't look great at the distances most around here use them, but they should still be plenty visible.
    It's all about density. Note that on those billboards, you can't see any black space between the lighted pixel area. the pixels are either big enough, or bright enough that you can't make out any dark space between them. But in reality, in most cases, those are the exact same panels used in the big signs. The P10s common around here are used in smaller storefront signs like at car washes and such. The highway billboards are usually much bigger pitch with discrete LEDs per color. This spreads out the points of light of the pixel more and makes it more evenly distributed. You'd never get away with such a design though for a close viewing array. You really need to be a good 100' away from those kinds of screens to view them clearly. Take a look at this product for reference. Note that each dot is not a pixel In this case, 4 dots is a real pixel, or each individual dot is a virtual pixel.


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