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Thread: Remote / timer control of entire show

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    Default Re: Remote / timer control of entire show

    Quote Originally Posted by DaleP View Post
    I'm usually not home when my display turns on and off and I'm using Vixen 3 with the scheduler. I have 35,000 incan lights and it would be quite expensive if for some reason if the program messed up and the display ran all day while I was at work so I have an industrial timer that controls the branch circuits that run the show, that way I know for sure that the power is off before and after the show. I have it set to turn on 10 min before the show start and stay on 10 min after.

    As for my computer... it stays on day and night. It goes to sleep when not in use and I don't believe it uses much power when idling. If you think about it most people leave their personal computers on now days and just put them to sleep when not in use. My office computer hasn't been re booted in weeks and is always ready with the shake of a mouse.
    I personally wouldn't worry about the computer, I would just shut off the monitor when your not there to also conserve on power.

    Dale P.
    This is basically what I am aiming to do. My intention is to put the controllers on a Z-Wave controlled outlet this way I can put a timer on all the electronics and also have a manual override when I am away. Having the computer go to sleep when the show is done is something I think Vixen can d, but the left over issue is having the computer come out of suspend mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrGrumpy View Post
    I use FPP to run the show via schedule, and IRIS Smart Plugs to control power via built in timers.....Turn the timers on 5 minutes prior to show.
    IRIS units are accessible via my cell phone. They are not outdoor rated, but I do run in protected outdoor areas.
    (Get this Iris Smart Switch for $14.99, a $25 savings, when you buy any Christmas tree.)

    I've used WeMo, tp-link and a couple China versions. I feel the IRIS no hub Smart Plug is the best

    Caution to one of the China design; it switches the neutral leaving Hot Live to kill.
    Says it is UL, but no way with a switching neutral design.

    Here is a picture of the bad one - I took off the brand name so whatever brand, if it looks like this one, it is a killer.
    Attachment 38567
    As I mentioned above. I believe I have this part covered. Similar to the IRIS control system, I already have a Z-wave system in my house. So I ordered this from Amazon last week:

    I just need to find a way to turn the computer on from a suspend mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by wirenut1980 View Post
    I saw a recent post that suggested putting vixen in the computers start up section. This way when the computer boots up it will start vixen which would start vixens timer. You can also add a shut down script to the end of the show that would shut down the computer. And as others suggested timers on each controller.
    Yes, I have this set up already. But as I mentioned, turning the computer OFF can be done with Vixen...but what about turning it on?
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    Default Re: Remote / timer control of entire show

    What computer are you using? Go into the BIOS settings (usually F10 or some other F-key at boot time) and see if you can find a setting. It may be under Power Settings or similar. Do be careful of what you change - your system might not work properly if you make inappropriate changes.

    If you see something that look promising but you are not sure, take a photo of the screen and post here. I'm pretty sure you can find a feature - auto-turn on has been in most BIOSes for quite a while.

    Springville, Utah

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