New Member here. First let me say I have way to many hobbies as it is, but somehow I found myself here after a little google research for ideas rolling around in my brain. Second I know it's way to late to start something for this season, so I'm asking some general questions with the ideas of what I "may" be able to do and plan for. Third I'm fairly background is IT - Firewalls, networks, PC repair, scripting, programming, etc, etc. so I feel this wouldn't be that hard for me to grasp, but I also feel the dark side pulling me in and I'm thinking to myself..."you could get carried away with this if you're not careful" Haha. So here I am on a forum asking a bunch of people who are addicted to LED's if I should dive in. So help me out if you can by answering these questions.

I'm thinking of ordering just a few things to wet my whistle so to speak. Just get my feet wet and give me an idea if this is something I can plan for next year. This started out from a google search wanting to put up some permanent lights to my newly painted house that I won't have to take down/put up every year and I can change to suite the holiday (green - st. patties day, red/white/blue -july 4, etc, etc). But just to learn this and get me going in the right direction I have a few "small" projects lined up. Namely: a Boblight/Ambilight for the rasberry pi I have next to my TV, and a few stars modeled after this pictured one below we already own using some bullet type 2811 smart pixels.

  • What would you all recommend for a controller to learn from, but also one suitable to "grow" into a whole house unit. Assume for this purpose 150 ft of roof line, 3 windows, a few stars, deck railing, etc. I've heard falcon, but want something that's fairly easy to learn for someone new and give me the most "success" factor.
  • What LED's are most using for their projects. I'm thinking these bullet type as I've come across them and I know they'll work for the star pictured, as well the flat versions could be used for a boblight, etc. maybe this is an open ended question. lol.

Any and all thoughts will be appreciated and thanks in advance if you've read this far.