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Thread: Holiday Hotline interactive prop

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    Default Holiday Hotline interactive prop

    Not a motorized display, but I couldn't find a better spot to post this.... I've been pretty quiet on this prop, but it is out in the yard an working. I swapped MP3 players at the last minute and am happy I did (the first one was the one earlier in this thread, and had weird command glitches that others experienced as well). I now use the dfPlayer mini that can be purchased cheaply all over the place as well as the great 3rd party libraries for it here:

    I have a dial tone MP3 that plays on repeat when you pick up the phone. Then I have 13 different tracks ( numbers 0 -9, *, #, and redial buttons) that play when you press a button. About half of them are voicemail messages from people like Santa, Mrs Claus, Mrs Claus' secretary, Gus Polinski (Polka King of the Midwest), and the other half are clips from movies and a message from my family). When the clip is done playing, a busy signal will play on repeat until the user hangs up the phone. So far, so good (knock on wood) for it. I've seen some kids out using it and hope to get some more traction as we get closer to Christmas.

    The biggest problem I have is that kids want to use it during the day. We put a sign on it that it works when the lights are on, but I think these kids are young enough that they aren't/can't read that.

    The last thing I did was to put some pixels into the globe on the top that I drive via an Arduino. Just a little something extra to make it pop some.

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    Default Re: Holiday Hotline interactive prop

    nice idea - really cool!


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