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Thread: Dimming with LED's flaky above 91%

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    Default Dimming with LED's flaky above 91%

    So for the last few years I have had an odd issue. When above 91%, only a couple channels work and they randomly turn on and off between 92%-99% and nothing turns on at 100%. Additionally, some low intensities below 30 (lights are pretty much off by 30%) glitch full brightness. I've gotten around this by simply only programing between 30%-91% intensities. My setup uses a rennard dimmer (595 converter) and both Grinch and 595 boards. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Should I set up dimming profiles for all my channels? Setting each individually would be a huge pain at over 256 channels. Anyways curious if there is an easy fix for this. We run 100% LED lighting.

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    Default Re: Dimming with LED's flaky above 91%

    Do you use a snubber?

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    Default Re: Dimming with LED's flaky above 91%

    The renard software needs to be updated to use PWM. The LEDs draw to little current to keep the triacs triggered. The PWM mode gets around this.

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