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This year I am finally attempting to put pixels on my house. I know I'm way late but that's just how it is. In the past I had one string on the roof and one power supply and a couple arches (using led drivers) so things were simple. Now I am struggling on how I should power everything. Mainly the design of getting power from my supplies to my lights. It seems simple when you have a string of lights that connect to another but quickly gets cloudy when things aren't close enough together. Last year I bought a spool of 18awg 7 wire (solid) cable thinking I would use it. Before I start cutting wires I would love to see other's designs for where their power supplies are and the power runs so I can wrap my head around it.

I have 1000 5v pixel bullets (500 black/500 multicolor wire), 150 5v square pixels, 750 node black pixel strips (5@5m 30leds/m waterproof sleeve) and 4 Rob-G floods. I don't have a set plan for everything yet but I am thinking the strips will be attached to pvc for my window frames (already have regular led strings on them that will be replaced) and the 500 black bullets as a start for my mega tree (boscoyo mount strips should be here any day). I have two 5v 60a 300w power supplies. I am currently using 2 renard controllers with some PX-1 adapters. Until now I mostly controlled incadescent/led strings. I have a Renzilla with 6 px-1 adapters waiting in the wings.

I have pigtails soldered to half of my pixels and 4 of my floods so far. I have a 12v PS for my floods.
I run all 5 volt pixels with E682 controllers. I just figure out how to evenly distribute things to minimize distance to a controller along with the adjacent power supplies. My maximum distance away from a power supply is 43 feet. Longest data run is 34 feet. No null pixels or signal boosters. Power cable is 14 gauge speaker cable and data is single lead 18 gauge stranded. 3500 pixels altogether. Power to every 50- 65 pixels running at 50%.