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Thread: Bulbs burning out

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    Default Bulbs burning out

    Iím having trouble with some reindeer decorations with Incan lights. Iíve tracked down all bad bulbs and replaced them and now I have a section of about 5 bulbs in a continuous line that wonít stay lit. What happens is I put a new good bulb in and it comes on for a second and blows while the rest of the string stays on. Also on that same string thereís a section of about 5 bulbs that are extremely bright compared to the rest. Any ideas whatís going on? I tried my best at explaining the problem Iím sure itís still not very clear tho

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    check to be sure you are using the correct replacement bulbs, I know this sounds strange but what your describing sounds like your using the wrong bulbs. There are different lights in a 100 string set then there are in say a 300 light set. If you put the wrong bulbs in it will either light the bulb dim or lights will be very bright the go out which sounds like what your explaining.
    Even different brands use different value bulbs. there should be a label in the plug area that gives the value of the bulbs.
    I keep my replacements marked in bags for each brand and length. You can also cut the string down by 50 light increments just look down the string until you find two wires twisted together instead of three and you can cut out the bad section. There's an explanation in the WIKI.
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