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Thread: Copy/Paste pictures to the forum

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    Default Copy/Paste pictures to the forum

    It's 2017 and I think this is the only forum still out there that I use that doesn't allow direct copy/paste from images/screenshots into the forum (As in paste using Ctrl+V). And it's probably the one that needs it the most.

    Is this a vBulletin limitation, or a site limitation? (e.g. Site doesn't want to store that many images if they become so easy to attach).

    If this is a site limitation due to a potential cost issue, would it be possible to at least enable this for supporting members?
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    Default Re: Copy/Paste pictures to the forum

    There is no way to paste an image directly into a post as far as I know of. I believe it to be a vB 4 limitation.
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    Default Re: Copy/Paste pictures to the forum

    I use many forums and have never dragged a picture to a post. I don't even recall seeming that option on most of the forums I frequent. Maybe FB, but that is a different beast. Does not seem all that hard to attach a photo to a post. just my 2 cents.
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