I have a 682 with the latest version of Vixen.

My Megatree is 10 strands of 120 pixels each (60 up/ 60 down).

I also have a 270 pixel "mega star" but will leave that out of the equation for now since my problem exists with or without it.

In the 682 (unicast, Universes 1-12, 510 channels each), I have one string per output (120px x 3 for 360 channels), so 1-1 to 3-2 are setup as length of 120, RGB, first zig at 60, 50% power.

All the test patterns in the 682 work great (all pixels respond as expected).
In Vixen, and I have been watching all I can find/ read, I setup a megatree, and tried a couple different ways:

I tried with 10 strings of 120 pixels, then in preview setup, told it that there were 20 strings of 60 pixels - all but the last 1/2 of the last string light!
I tried with 20 strings of 60 pixels, same issue, last 60 pixels won't light

I tried setting up the controller with the full 6120 channels (12 x 510) and no different
I tried setting up the controller with 3600 channels (120 x 3 x 10) and 7 universes of 510 and a last one of 30 to get me to 3600 and same result
I have deleted, re-added, and tried basically everything I can think of with no joy - running out of steam for the night and figured I would post to the board so someone could just point out the one little thing I keep missing ;-)

As an aside, I think there is some kind of channel mis-match because earlier when I had the star and tree going, that last string was doing what I was telling the star to do - a real non-conformist I tell ya. Anyway, I must be adding something up wrong and would really appreciate any help. I would include screen shots (I have from my E682, but I have tore apart Vixen again and would rather have proper guidance before rebuilding it again.)

First year with this - spend months building all the controllers and remote power supplies as well as the 2, 682's - had a blast getting everything build and tested in the shop and hope I'm leaving enough time to program it all. I won't be making a music house this first year out - just want to make a 10 minute loop or something of effects scattered around the yard with all the other "static" lighting.

Thanks in advance,

PS - 3-3 to 4-1 are the outputs for the star - just weren't removed for this picture.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 8.21.05 PM.jpg