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Thread: Fpp + usb to dmx + 36 ch board

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    Default Fpp + usb to dmx + 36 ch board

    Hello I'm new to all this, I'm investigating and every day I have more doubts.
    I have managed to connect my raspberry with FPP
    I bought a usb to dmx
    A table of 36 channels dmx 512
    I have read something about OLA software ..
    I'm very lost!

    Would it be possible to connect the raspberry to the usb to dmx and that dmx to the table?

    The 36-channel table is this

    I am from Spain so buying falcon boards is not an option at the moment.

    Thank you very much for your time!

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    Default Re: Fpp + usb to dmx + 36 ch board

    So you missed a step in your planning. What type of lights are you trying to use?

    Yes you can use FPP->USB DMX Dongle->this controller (The word table really threw me in your description).

    This controller is designed to drive dumb RGB strips. These are RGB strips that have all of the LEDs the same color across the length of the strip. Each strip uses three DMX channels and the FPP will have no trouble driving this (this assumes the USB-to-DMX dongle is a full featured dongle that does not need the FPP to do any extra DMX work).

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    Default Re: Fpp + usb to dmx + 36 ch board

    you should not need OLA software. the dmx dongle should be recognized by the pi as an output device.

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