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Thread: need someone to fix my renard 24

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    Default need someone to fix my renard 24

    i need someone to fix my renard 24 im not sure wats wrong with it. last year it was hooked up to my leaping lights and it blew both the fuses. could someone look at it for me i will pay for shipping and whateva time and supplies you need please pm me


    Danny Smith

    2008 display:

    -168 renard 24 channels

    -fm transmitter: ramsey 25B

    -light count: 15,000+

    [CENTER]The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.[/CENTER]

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    Default Re: need someone to fix my renard 24

    What size fuses do you have in it and how many lights did you have plugged in... if its the 15,000+ lights that you have in your signature and they are all incandescent... then you're drawing around 50 amps which would cause the fuses to blow, and if not then your house hold breakers (even if there are two 20amp breakers) to trip.


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