Here's a fresh intro / tutorial video walking through the customer dashboard of explaining the different parts and their functionality, and showing how it can be totally remote controlled over the internet. I realize that a lot of the users here are already more advanced and may not necessarily need or be interested in our pre-sequenced content, but please try to visualize how you got into this hobby, and ask yourself if something like this would have been a nice stepping stone. That's our goal - to make it easier for the novice user to get started. We will support user-uploaded content in the EasyLights dashboard in 2019 (maybe sooner) and have plans for many more features and integrations with other software from this community. Please, please, please give me your feedback - positive and negative - on this system. If we can help more users get into this hobby, it will help grow the community and ultimately benefit everyone.

I breeze through this point pretty quickly at the end of the video, but remember that multiple controllers on the same network will automatically discover each other and synchronize their playback, even on a totally wireless network. I'll hopefully have a demo of that as well in the coming weeks.

Thank you!