Simple things are hard when you give them too much thought.

I want to mount PVC pipe to my dormers and gutters. On the PVC I want to drape garland, red, green and white lights. I also want to attach pixabulbs directly to the PVC (probably zip ties). My question is how would you approach mounting the PVC to a 45 degree roof line? I think it's going to be heavy and plastic roof clips will slide. I've toyed with the idea of sitting something over the peak, like a 90 degree piece of steel, letting it hang over and mounting PVC to it. Also something like a clamp that goes over the roof and under the soffit. I really don't want to punch holes in the nice the aluminum that wraps the fascia. I'm might consider doing just that if I can punch just a couple of holes and put a threaded insert into it. After Christmas I could remove bolts holding the PVC and insert a plastic cover to hide it. What would you do?