I found these at Costco yesterday. I dissected one found out it looks like I can use them for my animated snow orchestra. Still not 100% sure but it looks promising. They are made kinda like spiral trees that collapse. Very nicely done.

I it apart between the 1st and 2nd section. The plan is to brace the 1st section (bottom) to stand on its own. Make a free standing rotating base for the top two sections and a pivot point so they can rock back and forth. I have already reworked the right arm to make it a front half only to match the left arm. I am working on a way to pivot the arms together to move the wind instruments up and down to the mouth. I took off the mouth and I am going to replace it with a large red button to make it more like he is blowing into the instrument.

If anyone is interested I will start taking some pics and post.

costco snowman.jpg