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    Got the following from Chris this morning, he is located in Pearland TX, a southern suburb of Houston. Prayers to him and his family and everyone in that part of TX.

    We got what we think is over 40" of rain. Our rain gage overfilled 4 times and I still measured over 30". The Brazos River crested 24 hours ago and the flood waters were 1"...yes, one little inch from coming in the house. That is the low corner of the house. We did not get any water in the shop! The shop was much closer as in water on the edge about to spill over.
    Luckily, everything there is on pallets or racks so some flooding could have been tolerated. We are flooded in. We cannot ship or receive anything for at least a few weeks. All of our CG enclosures on Amazon are sold and although I have plenty of stock, we still have to wait for the flood waters to go down. Just know that there were many prayers for us and only by His infinite mercy were we spared. If you can, PLEASE make a donation to your relief agency of choice. Houston is in a bad way and even a small $10 donation to the likes of the Red Cross can help.
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    Nothing like a first hand account to give you perspective.

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    I am glad that Chris and his family are OK. We are also fortunate that the storm passed us by with only a flooded garage and a small amount of water within our home. Many in our neighborhood were not so lucky. Although the flood waters have started to recede in our area, the threat of the Brazos river (which crests tomorrow in West Houston) and the Barker and Addicks reservoirs (which have peaked) adds to a heightened awareness that the danger of flooding is still possible.
    Although I am not a total believer in the Red Cross in how money was spent after the Oklahoma City bombings, they are a good organization and do help in a time of need. I do believe what Chris said is good, to donate to an agency of your choice, even local like food banks and pet and homeless shelters. It is amazing how many folks left home and left their pets at home or in their back yards, the amount of livestock and wild animals ( I saw 2 deer on the highway this morning) that were displaced or drowned, besides the countless number of families and individuals (into the tens of thousands) displaced or drowned by the rising waters.
    I certainly hope this was an 800 or 1000 year flood, as it is difficult to deal with the stress of not knowing how you would get out if you had to leave. Many of the major escape routes were cut off by flood waters. I have lived in Houston for 40 years and at this home for 22 years and been through some epic storms, but never had to deal with this amount of water.
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