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Thread: What type of pixels for house outline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgunn View Post
    Btw would be curious to see your mounting technique. I was thinking of something similar for my roof line.

    My thought was aluminum flat bars that hook behind the fascia boards.

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    Oh, and wouldn't you know it, my pixels have shipped! Looking forward to firing them up.

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    Default Re: What type of pixels for house outline

    I like everyones ideas, and some funny comments, here what ive run into, first what are your going to secure them with, cause the double sided tape is um you know. second does the strip go around sharp corners or soft ones, because the radius of the bend if not done properly can, well the obvious damage something or solder points will break completely off with any contact surface. A radical radius can split the weather proofing silicone off the electrical strip causing other headaches.

    So my first try I soldered 2.5mm pins for my arduino , and made individual harnesses, which is how I made my 60 led tv backlight sound sensing neopixstrips. Best way I think let the transition from one corner to another by cutting at the edge of every corner as you head to next edge of roof allowing just incase a strip to move without bringing them all down and if some go out you can replace and re solder section the cool thing is tapping into a data out in any spot to add other strips.

    One previous attempt from me was I soldered them all into one big chain section but the movement when installing them snapped solder points off.

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