Hey all. This will be my first year diving into pixels for my house. I've always done a traditional static light display but this year wanted to dive into the world of pixels.

I'm looking to start experimenting this year by outlining my roofline with pixel LEDs.

Because I've always done a traditional display with off the shelf led strings my first thought is to use c9 Technicolor pixels with 4" spacing (eg like on RayWus site).

However I'm not used to thinking in terms of the flexibility you get with pixels so perhaps those aren't the best choice (eg higher density gives better resolution).

Ultimately I want something nice and bright.

Figured I'd try and draw some inspiration and insight from those who have been there before.

Since this year it'll only be the roof line I will not sync to music, but I'll definitely use the time to play around with the technology and get used to it.

Looking forward to having fun with this!

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