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Thread: Cable Gland...Rubber Gasket?

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    Default Cable Gland...Rubber Gasket?

    I see some PG7 and PG9 glands that do and some that don't have the washer. I'm talking about the gasket that goes in between the actual gland and the enclosure.Does it matter?
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    Default Re: Cable Gland...Rubber Gasket?

    None of the ones I have used have a washer between the gland and enclosure. Only the rubber piece inside that goes around the wiring. I always used some silicone around the inside and outside to help seal although im not sure how helpful that really is as it seemed most of the time the silicone didnt really stick to the enclosure. I never have any water intrusion issues though.

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    Default Re: Cable Gland...Rubber Gasket?

    I use o rings
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