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Thread: Best Lighting For Cut Outs?

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    Question Best Lighting For Cut Outs?

    I had an idea for my neighbor to do a cut out last year. It turned out great and so I was jealous, and bought a jigsaw and did my own cut out 5 days before Christmas.

    I got cheapo lighting from what was left at Home Depot that late in the season, but I didn't like it.

    This year, I want to do it right. What do people recommend for lighting to display your cut outs that you work so hard on?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Best Lighting For Cut Outs?

    Sometimes it is not the light, but the angle of the light that makes it either good, or not so.
    With 700 or so cutouts, I asked the crew doing the static displays. They said CFLs in flood holders are their primary "goto" lights. They try to angle it so that the flood shines away from the audience, and doesn't cause a washout. This is not always possible, but for the most part it works for us.

    FWIW, I like a long light, sort of like a florescent tube, spread out in front of the cutout and hidden from view of the folks looking at the display.
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    Default Re: Best Lighting For Cut Outs?

    I was just getting started on this years new cut-outs. I have an emoji and a pokemon pikachu that are about 3ft. I found this thread below and wondered if these would work for lighting up smaller cuts outs.

    I was even considering hacking a cheap tactical flashlight into an externally powered spot to get adjustable beam size.
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