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Thread: Ray vs Paul pixel string quality

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    Default Ray vs Paul pixel string quality

    Sorry ahead of time if this turns into a 5v vs 12v like thread - but anyway:

    I've gotten quotes from both Paul and Ray on an order I'm looking to place. Price wise the quotes have a $16.00 difference so basically the same price from either vendor. Both vendors seem to have enough people singing praises about their good service, fast shipping, etc. So I don't think I can go wrong with either vendor considering that.

    Just wondering if anyone has compared their products. Any difference in quality between the 2 vendors pixel strings. I'm looking at ordering 5v pixels and have read numerous posts about Ray's 18awg wire not being true 18awg. I haven't seen the same said about Paul's 18awg but I understand that he hasn't been in the business as long as Ray which is a good reason I haven't seen as many posts about his products.

    I'm guessing the wire size & quality is about the same between the 2 vendors but I was wondering if anyone has actually compared Paulís 18awg pixels to Rays 18awg or has an opinion on one or the other.


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    Default Re: Ray vs Paul pixel string quality

    I just recieved 2000, 12v ws2811 with colored wire (18awg) from Ray. Out of 2000 leds, I had 3 that had to be switched out, after burn in.


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