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Thread: trying to set up vixen files for FPP

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    Default Re: trying to set up vixen files for FPP

    Quote Originally Posted by kev View Post
    I read a post somewhere that when the Pixels were after the Renard/Gemneric Serial it did not work correctly. Everything started working when they got the Pixels first on the output list.
    Hope this helps.
    My Renard/DMX are always the first and second universes - right up front. Never had a problem.

    The trick is to make sure your Vixen output and the FPP channel assignments match.
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    Default Re: trying to set up vixen files for FPP

    After rearranging my output channels and assigning some different patching. I put the Renard channels after the pixels and it still didn't
    Want to load. I was also having some communications issues trying to call up the FPP screen.
    I finally tracked it to the pie and probably a corrupt file .
    I decided to by a Pi-3 and call it a day. Now I have a Pi-2 for backup .Long story short everything loaded and worked as planned.
    I can now load fseq files without issue and have the Renards working off of the USB port on the Pi.
    whew ! What a learning curve! Now I remember why I like this crazy hobby so much.

    Many Thanks to all that helped me work through this !
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