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I too recall some past discussion on the number of Vixen minimum number of bytes, or channels.

I thought it was 3 bytes; 1 data byte, one header byte and one footer byte. So if you don't use a header and footer, Vixen is still setup to send a minimum of 3 bytes. But I haven't verified it. Should be easy to test with a simple sketch.

If you claim that 1 channel can be sent in a MEGA board but not the UNO board then I would suspect your testing method. The UNO and MEGA should read the same channels, or serial data train, from Vixen.

I couldn't find the former discussion dealing with one data channel.
I did not mean the mega accepted 1 byte/channel and the uno would not. What I meant was I had already tested my ac light and ssr with the mega so I know the circuit worked but what I had forgotten was how I modified the sketch during that trial. When I went to rerun the test on the UNO, since I had forgotten how I modified the sketch (I couldnt find the sketch I used previously) I created a new sketch for the UNO and my 1 ac light using 1 channel and it didnt work. When I increased the channel count it worked so obviously in my first attempt I probably had a few channels specified but again I forgot what I did the first go around. On my 2nd attempt I assumed all I needed was 1 channel but I was wrong.

When I said I played it and the mega worked fine its because the mega was running the PWM sketch connected to the LEDs and the UNO has the victor sketch with the 1 ac light; this was my first attempt at running both controllers at once.

I can try a few more channel counts, all I know is 1 doesnt work and 6 does work haha.