Eventually I would like to have a full blown christmas light display (obviously) but for now I am still trying to figure out Vixen and my Arduino Uno,

Vixen 3:
I have watched several How to Vixen videos and for the most part I believe Vixen is good to go. I have 5 single item lights, each patched to a single output on the Arduino (5 in total) and the Arduino is labeled as a generic serial controller. I have a short sequence just to test the cummunication with the Uno. I created a show and I schedule the show for time -2 minutes (is there a better way to test a show?). I made sure the baud rate and com ports match both the Arduino sketch, IDE settings and device manager.

The Arduino:
I have a simple 5 LED setup on a bread board. I have the 5 PWM outputs from the Arduino connected to the led and a resistor from the opposite leg of the led to ground and ground connected back to the arduino.

The Sketch:
The purpose of this code is to allow the Arduino to use the
generic serial output of vixen lights to control 5 channels of LEDs.
Author: Matthew Strange
Created: 14 October 2010
Modifier: Ben Towner
Modified: 19-OCT-2010
Changes: Addition of 20 Digital On/Off Channels - Setup for Arduino Mega 2560
// PWM Output - ChanX=PWM Pin
int Chan1 = 2;  
int Chan2 = 3;  
int Chan3 = 4;  
int Chan4 = 5;  
int Chan5 = 6;  
int i = 0;     // Loop counter
int incomingByte[5];   // array to store the 5 values from the serial port
//setup the pins/ inputs & outputs
void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);        // set up Serial at 9600 bps
  pinMode(Chan1, OUTPUT);   // sets the pins as output
  pinMode(Chan2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Chan3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Chan4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(Chan5, OUTPUT);
void loop()
{  // 5 channels are coming in to the Arduino
   if (Serial.available() >= 5) {
    // read the oldest byte in the serial buffer:
    for (int i=0; i<5; i++) {
      // read each byte
      incomingByte[i] = Serial.read();
    analogWrite(Chan1, incomingByte[0]);   // Write current PWM values to LED pins
    analogWrite(Chan2, incomingByte[1]);  
    analogWrite(Chan3, incomingByte[2]);  
    analogWrite(Chan4, incomingByte[3]);  
    analogWrite(Chan5, incomingByte[4]);   
Not sure about the code. I have done a few random sketches with the Uno, mostly beginner stuff but I am not certain at all about the serial detail.

Anyways, I hook up my Arudino and the sketch verifies and uploads without issue. I set my scheduler to play the show 2 min out and when the show starts there is not activity on the UNO.

I believe there is most likely several issues with the sketch and I would appreciate some help fixing it.

Thank you!