Hi there

I'm pretty new to Vixen and I've run into a configuration issue with grouping portions of a string together. I'm running 3.3.u2

First - there are 3 strings on my house

I want to have discrete control over different parts of each string, so I defined my elements at a fairly granular level. For example, I configured the lower roof peak above the garage door with 4 elements and you can see how I grouped them in the attached screenshot of the preview configuration


Here is the issue. I want to configure a chase down each side of the roof that starts at the peak. Here is the configuration in the sequence:

On the right side, the chase properly starts at the peak and runs down the right side of the roof.
On the left side though, the chase starts half-way down the left side - reaches the bottom - continues at the peak - and ends in the middle In the image below, the two chases should both be at the peak heading down opposite sides of the roof.

Where can I specify the relationship between group "Lower-Roof-Garage-left-left" and "Lower-Roof-Garage-left-center" to have the chase start at the peak and flow to the bottom left? The chase is starting on the left-left group rather than left-center.