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Thread: Importing face animation question

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    Default Importing face animation question

    Hey All,

    I am having trouble importing an animation face when I start a new sequence. I exported a face from last season that is uses the same PMT but for some reason when I try importing I am still having to reenter everything as though it was a new face.

    So...I am trying to use a single face and I go to the "Animation" tab and enter "1" for # of faces. Then I click "import an animation face." The old face pops up and I select it and click "Open" but it apparently doesn't import..... because when I go to the "Matrix" area and enter the size then click build shouldn't I see my build channels already there? I have to reenter them.....then I go on and have to redraw the phenoms for the mouth positions..shouldn't those also come in with the importing of the old face?

    I used this feature in the past successfully but it's been so long that I might have forgotten an intermediate or prep step..... Is there anything I am missing here? Do I need to do something before I import the old face? Do certain channels have to be selected under "Manage Channels" or maybe some other configuration that I'm forgetting?

    I REALLY don't want to have to redraw all those phenoms again....I'd like to use the one I already have to keep the face exactly the same....

    Any help is appreciated....I'm stumped....but what else is new? Haha


    Well.....DUH..... When I imported and the box popped up showing the current face and the import face I had neglected to click in the left hand box to transfer the import to become the current face.... I knew it had to be a subtle step I'd missed....but it took a while to discover where I had misstepped.

    So....the initial question above is no longer in play but I'll leave it so others can learn from another of my myriad of mistakes...
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