Have not posted since our pre-sale but we quietly lowered our pricing on all in stock Mean Well Power Supplies. Not as cheap as the pre-sale but for quality power supplies we have some of the lowest pricing.

Currently In-Stock and ready to ship are the following models:

LRS-75-5 5v DC, 14A Rated Current, 70W Rated Power
LRS-75-12 12v DC, 6A Rated Current, 72W Rated Power
LRS-150-12 12v DC, 12.5A Rated Current, 150W Rated Power
LRS-350-5 5v DC, 60A Rated Current, 300W Rated Power
LRS-350-12 12v DC, 29A Rated Current, 348W Rated Power
LRS-350-24 24v DC, 14.6A Rated Current, 350W Rated Power
LRS-350-36 36v DC, 9.7A Rated Current, 349W Rated Power

The LRS-75 and LRS-150 will fit in CG-200 cases and the LRS-350 are half the height of your typical Chinese brand power supplies on the market allowing you to fit as many as 4 of them inside a CG-1500 case with proper ventilation.