Group Buy for the low cost ESP8266 based Adapter for Renard Controllers

What does it do?

The RenardESP adapter will convert any Renard that uses the SS BOM (and most of the non - SS models) from a device controlled by RS-485 Serial to a device controlled by e1.31 or sACN over WiFi. It does this by replacing the RS-485 receiver chip on the Renard board.

So instead of running CAT 5 through your yard and connecting your Renards to a RS-485 USB adapter or an e1.31 bridge, you can cut the cords and stream all your control data over wifi.

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This Group Buy is for one bare RENESP Board and full BOM


Description (quantity)

3.3V Regulator (1)
220uF capacitor (1)
0.1uF capacitor (1)
8 pin shrouded socket (1)
8 pin connector (1)
Preci-DIP socket (1)
DIP Adapter (1)
1K Ohm resistor (1)
IDC ribbon cable (12")
2.54 pin header (1)
1N4148 diode (3)
ESP8266 WiFi unit (1)

This Group Buy will end on May 3, 2017 at 8pm Eastern US time or sooner if the maximum is reached.

Please note: This Group Buy will be limited to 60 BOMs.

Information Threads
This board was designed by madsci1016

Pricing Info:
The PCB with BOM are $10.83. This does not include shipping; but does include all other fees.

This pricing assumes that at least 50 units are paid for. If less than 50 units are ordered, all money will be refunded and the group buy will be cancelled.

In order to keep prices down, some of the BOM is being ordered from China. Recent experience has shown that orders can take 30-40 days for delivery.
Therefore, it may be 4-5 weeks from the end of the Group Buy before shipment occurs.

Insurance - is optional, but no responsibility for loss in transit if insurance isn't purchased
$0.01 to $50 - $1.85
$50.01 to $100 - $2.90

Shipping (US)
Do to the vast quantity differences that may be ordered, its impossible to state shipping up front.
Shipping will be done by USPS flat rate priority mail or first class mail if under 13 ounces. Flat rate prices range from $5.30 to $11.15. I will always try to save you money on shipping. If under 13 ounces, they will ship first class mail in a padded envelope to keep costs down. This is typically around $3.

Canada and outside North America Additional shipping fees apply. Please note this in your post and I will get you actual shipping costs.
[B]NOTE: I will be shipping to your paypal address. It is very important that you have a correct and compliant USPS address in your paypal profile or your order will be delayed.[\B]

US: PayPal fees will be added to your shipping amount total: $0.30 + 3%
Non-US: PayPal fees will be added: $0.30 + 4%

1. VERY Important: you MUST put your DIYC username in the comments field within Paypal. If you don't, your order will be rejected and your money immediately returned to you.
2. Post your order in this thread.
3. I will send you a PM with your final total and the PayPal address to send the funds to. Please send payment as a "Goods Payment" so I can ship easier. (see item #1 above!)
4. DO NOT PM ME that you have paid. It is unnecessary and my inbox will fill up.
5. Check post #2 of THIS THREAD for payment status.

Please post the quantity desired, your country location, and if you want insurance.