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Thread: Looking for Advice: Motor to Raise Screen/Pirate-Ship Sail

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    Question Looking for Advice: Motor to Raise Screen/Pirate-Ship Sail

    So we were contacted by the casting producer for a certain big Christmas show (keeping excitement at bay), and we interview in June. So, I'm trying to put together all the plans before then, and start construction. I'm looking for advice on thoughts/ideas on how best to execute this.

    I'm half way done constructing a pirate ship to put on our roof. However, I also want to have a MAST with a SAIL/SCREEN on it to project on to.

    My show is theatrical. I like to progressively reveal new things throughout the show, and not show everything all at once, so I want the screen/sail to be hidden at the start of the show, then pull straight up, and have the projector (on the roof - behind the ship wall) project onto the sail.



    There are lots of hurdles to overcome:

    1) Wind - it will really be a sail, so I'll need to probably have a punch of U-shaped holes in it. We're in San Diego, so this isn't a HUGE weather issue, but enough to be cautious.
    2) Motor Torque - unsure what size motor I need. I know this depends on the weight (which I don't know yet). What's the best way to right size the motor?
    3) Stretch - it needs to stretch enough to be a flat "screen", but also stop at the right point when it reaches the top. Thinking of a physical stop switch when it gets to the right position - unsure how best to do this safely.

    Really just looking for ideas/thoughts/cautions. I have the mounting sorted, and everything will be rock solid up there. It's just the logistics of moving the screen up and down, repeatedly, predictably, and safely - and of course, still being able to see the projection on it.

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