You guys rocked. I was nervous going in that I had missed something, something would go wrong, no one would show up, or something. Even with one prop malfunction, this was an awesome day! People with LOR, Renard, AL, and pixel setups all shared info and I think everyone had something to take away from the presentations.

-johnpdo and his pneumatic / electronic / wireless / foggy Monster in a box prop.

-Chris and Rick discussed their CCR repeater board and LOR Input Pup Remote Operation

-dbenn showed us his great one-off, made from on hand supplies, snow globe build

-Lee Howe shared means of applying audio to light displays, as well as adding voiceovers

-timdks shared about the growth of his display, and the logistics of moving it onto public property in not one, but two municipalities

-dirknerkle challenged us to be inventive, and not just use what everyone else does

-terryhonn shared the layout of his new house with us, and allowed everyone to make suggestions for his display layout for this year. Apparently, I missed getting a photo of this. Probably because it was so darned interesting to hear how people think about design of displays. It was a great segment.

-Lunch was prepared and served onsite to rave reviews

A couple crowd shots

Have to have a blinky welcome, right?

Vendors came through with Door Prizes!

Door prizes provided by: CFOL, Radiant Holidays, Renard Plus, Boscoyo, Matt Ross, DPitts, DIGWDF, Holiday Lighting, Xstreme Sequences. I hope Im not missing anyone.

Thanks to everyone who attended, brought stuff for show and tell, and shared what they knew to help others. Im so stoked about how today went that I will likely have trouble sleeping for a bit 😊