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Thread: Importing Polymorphic Transcription from Audacity

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    Default Importing Polymorphic Transcription from Audacity

    So, this is probably a little more than most want to do, but I'd like to import Polymorphic transcription from Audacity (using the Queen Mary plug-ins) into Vixen 3. The import function only seems to support Beats and Bars, how would I do this.
    I found a nice video that explains how to do it to LOR and included a Python script to format the XML into something that could be copied into LOR and used as timing tracks. I'm willing to rework the Python code to get it into the correct format for Vixen 3, but when I look at the time tracks I have in an existing .tim file it uses a different type of timing than the centiseconds that LOR apparently uses. Is there a cheat sheet on how to format XML to add it to a .tim file for Vixen 3?
    I know there's not a lot of info here so if anyone is willing I can do a web meeting and show you exactly what I've found, what I'm looking to accomplish and maybe we can figure this out.

    Link to importing to LOR video:

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    Default Re: Importing Polymorphic Transcription from Audacity

    I don't usually find the polyphonic transcription to be accurate enough to be useful, but I have used it myself a few times. It should import just fine as a beat collection. Is there something beyond that you want it to do?


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