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Thread: Everything For Sale! (Renard, Pixels, Sandevices, Etc.)

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    Default Everything For Sale! (Renard, Pixels, Sandevices, Etc.)

    After much debating and discussion, I have decided that 2016 was my last year putting up a display for awhile. I will likely jump back in again someday but with 4 kids under the age of 8, I just don't have the time right now. I have a ton of stuff that I have acquired over the last few years, a lot of it brand new or barely used. I'm selling the stuff that is easily accessible first, I will list more as things sell and I have the room to get more stuff out of storage and inventory. I tried to do my research to price things appropriately, private message me if you have an offer to make me. A lot of the controllers/power supplies are still wired up for many of the items and ready to go...I'd really like to sell them like that but will separate if needed. All prices are without paypal/shipping. I have added pictures.

    -E6804 in CG500 case ~ $75 SOLD
    -E6804 (no case) ~$70 SOLD
    -E682 in rainbird case with 10 - 4pin diyledexpress green pigtails ~ $160 SOLD
    -E682 in 32 - 4pin diyledexpress green pigtails (16-output from board, 16-power injection) $175 SOLD
    -E1.31 diyledexpress 6 port bridge ~ $100 SOLD
    -SS24 in CG2000 case, has spt2 5' green zip cord with female vampire plugs ~$125 SOLD
    -5V 300W PS in CG1500 case,wired to E682 with 10 pigtails listed above, was used for pixel mini trees for sale below ~$30 SOLD
    -Two-5V 300W PS in CG1500 case ~$50 SOLD
    -12V 360W PS in CG2000 case, $30 SOLD
    -Ren48LSD with 12V 360W PS in CG1500 case ~ $100
    -Ren48LSD with 5V 300W PS in CG1500 case ~$100
    -Ren48LSD with 24V 200W PS in CG1500 case, a few channels do not work, I have not tried replacing transistors yet ~$75
    -SS16 in rainbird enclosure with 10' spt2 green zip cord with female vampire plugs ~$100 SOLD

    -32 strands of 50 Mega tree pixels, WS2811 5V square in boscoyo strips with extensions.$15/50 pixels SOLD

    -10 strands of 50 mini tree pixels, WS2811 5V square, 4" spacing with 10' 4pin diyledexpress wire extension attached. These are mounted in white boscoyo pixel mounting strips. The pixels are wired in a 10 pixel up 10 pixel down zig zag pattern. 2- 50 pixel strands were used for each 40" tall tree. ~$15 per 50 pixels (The mini tree frames are also for sale if interested let me know) SOLD

    -100 foot roll of the 2" HDPE pipe such as that used in the pixel arches. I bought this 2 years ago and planned to make the pixel strip arches like many others in the community have, but never got around to it. The roll is unopened and has been in my garage since. This is obviously too big to ship as is but I live in Michigan and could possibly meet for pickup, or I would be willing to cut into specified lengths and then ship. PM me if interested. Pending

    This is probably 1/3 of what I have, I will list more once I pull it out and inventory it. If there is something you are looking for in particular, I might have it so let me know.
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