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    Quote Originally Posted by RichD View Post
    I'm pretty sure the coloured discs still act as a lens. They only have to bend the light a little to mike quite a difference to the spot size at distance.

    I've had a look on aliexpress and there are some lens assemblies that might work ok with normal pixels
    Option 1 I think this might be best as it one of few I could find that gave the width of the led's hole. At 8mm it might need expanding a little but the lens is simple so there is space.
    Option 2 Lots of sellers of these but less clear if a pixel would fit.

    Using 5050 pixels might work a bit better with the lenses, it is more similar to what they are designed for and would be more of a point source which should give a sharper beam. Ray has lots of options for them including A, B, C.

    I might order some myself to have a play with - if I ever decide what I'm doing this year!
    I picked up some 15deg lenses from ebay.. I'll do some testing and see how they look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfie View Post
    That looks great! Do you have a link for build instructions on that?

    Click for display details >>
    web site: or
    technical articles:

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    A lot of images and videos may be broken. I did something stupid a while back. But should be enough info there to construct it.

    And I have the 3D print files and more construction details here:

    I do have an internal walkthrough video back up:

    And a daytime photo of Serena wearing it:

    Here are some aerial shots of Halloween night and her traversing the neighborhood.

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