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Thread: Vixen on Win 7 Home Premium x64

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    Quote Originally Posted by jchuchla View Post
    Thank you for making me do the research. Now I have a good cheap way to do serial based relay control for non-blinky related stuff.

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    Haha, it certainly wasn't intentional! I had no idea the serial port communication was that complex and that the vixen output plugin wouldn't control the relay board. I think I'll stick to the Renard boards and RS485 communication, at least I know that works and doesn't need much configuration to make it work.

    I appreciate the time and knowledge you have provided.

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    If you are simply turning on and off Static display lights, I use a latching relay to do this in my display.
    I send a 5 second 120 vac pulse from one of the channels on my Renard SS 16 to turn on (latch) the relay
    10 minutes before the show starts. Then 10 minutes after the show ends, I use another channel to send the
    turn off (reset) pulse to the relay to turn the static lights off. I bought two on ebay for $35 including shipping
    that are rated at 10 amps with 120 vac coils. This doesn't keep either output from the Renard active all night.
    Once the relay is "latched" it will stay latched until the pulse to unlatch it is sent. I have used this setup for
    3 years with no hiccups. We actually have a sequence that uses the scene from Christmas Vacation when
    Clark plugs in the lights and they all go dark. I use the relays to kill everything for that portion and then turn
    them back on. Maybe this is helpful for what you are doing.
    Merry Christmas

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