Hello. Have one of those possible good/bad ideas, looking for some guidance. Thinking of adding to my Christmas Holiday display this year with some video. Would be nice to include Halloween too.

My garage is set up so there are windows that face the front lawn (where I'm thinking of putting a screen for video). Could put a projector in my garage and project thru the window. Couple of plus's here are the garage will keep projector weather proof and secure. If window is clean should pass light thru ok. My biggest concern is the screen outdoors. I get a lot of windy days and fear my screen will not be able to stand up to the wind (it would basically be a big sail on windy days). Was thinking of making screen out of Plexiglas and put a opaque screen/cover on it to catch the light. Maybe could put some springs and such on things to act as shock absorbers for the frame.

Anyways, thinking about things, not sure end results would be worth my time, effort and money. Could really use some feedback on other who have had success with outdoor rear projection setups. My display if a healthy distance off the road and video just in the garage windows will not be able to be seen (from road). My screen would have to be 8' min tall to work.