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Thread: DC power plugs & jacks - suitable for use with AC power or no?

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    Default DC power plugs & jacks - suitable for use with AC power or no?

    Those with more AC electricity knowledge- please chime in on this one.

    Do you see any reason why these style of common power connectors typically used for low voltage DC applications could not/would not be suitable for interconnects on a 120V AC situation where weather-proofing is NOT an issue?

    Big picture: in true DIYC spirit, I want to design a way to have a compact, pluggable setup for 120V AC LED light strings into my own enclosure for an AC light controller. I don't like how all the SPT wire+vampire plugs hang out of the enclosures the way most people build them. They don't store very well with all that (crap) hanging out of them, so I found myself thinking there's gotta be a better way.

    Using an intermediate cable with a female vampire socket to one of these DC plugs, I could then have a modular (and compact way) to plug AC lights into my controller box. Since LED lights pull very little current (~4.8W = 0.04A = 40mA) on average, I don't consider that to be an issue for these connectors.

    Polarity should be irrelevant. Thoughts from those more experienced?
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