Hi there...
I have bin posting same kind of topic on xlight facebook so some of you will know about it..

I am busy calculating my best options for 2017.
Meaning I am doing some research how to get some stuff over to The Netherlands-Europe.

I have a Dutch group order on standby for Boscoyo products to let it ship to Europe.
I will order 3 picaps from Darrel...
And I have a price invoice from Ray wu for the pixels..
But... the Dutch import taxes are REALLY high ( as is in next door country)
21% over productprice + 21% over shippingcosts + *5% costums +*7% handelingfee
* over total amount and only if your total is higher then $125..

All of these import stuff do NOT apply if I have it in a suitcase on my flight home...
I can take $440 of products back home from a vacation.
And guess what?!?!?!...

I am going on my annual usa vacation in 6 weeks!!
So I was thinking....why not take a extra suitcase with me on my way home stuffed , till 23 kilo, with pixels, 3 pihats and some of the Boscoyo products?!?!

A second suitcase will cost me about $80 flying Lufthansa, and the pixels in usa are a little bit more expensive then directly from China...but no shipping costs and no taxes.

I saw a amazon seller saying that 500 pixels weigh 6,2pound ( thats 2,9 kilo)
I need minimum of 2000 pixels this year so that would be 24,8 pound ( 11,6 kilo)

So now my question....are there any vendors that have pixels in stock till the first 2 weeks of March,when I am in a rental villa in Florida ???
Or do all only have presales?? ( later shipment so not helpfull for me)

I am looking for +/- 2000 pixels, 5 volt, black wires, nodes or square to use in my new to build megatree..18 awg would be best I have read...
Megatree will be,360 degrees,32 strings, 40 pixels high, power injection every bottom( so 40 left and 40 right) and power supply and pi will be right at the base of the tree..)

The pigtails and stuff I can order from Ray to keep everything the same..
Any ideas??

Would love to hear them!!