Thanks for your reply...I know about amending the shipping invoice..Ray already did that ones before....
But sending it to usa and bring it home in a suitcase saves me more then $350...

I know about the suitcase handeling....Trust me...I have brought home glass objects, electronic Christmas toys, smokemachines (halloween bubbelfogger) and everything came back in 1 piece.
The trick is to fill your suitcase till the max...even if you have to use 20 rolls of lightweight towels..just fill it up....The tighter your stuff is packed, the more it is save.

I know for sure they will open my suitcase at the airport because of all the wiring in the scanner...But thats ok...I make sure it is easy to repack..

Ray told me he will need my order this weekend to make sure he will have it ready to send on the 15th of februari..
And I have somebody who is willing to hold the package for me till I am arrived.