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    Default Opions Please: 2017 Setup

    Hey guys, trying to plan my 2017 show (much earlier this time around) and would like some input. I'm considering playing with xlights this year and also upgrading my e682 to a falcon F16v3. Picked up a RasPi 3B and already installed FPP, excited about that. Here's a screen shot of my layout in xlights for 2017 as well as a pic of my house from 2016, day and night.

    Here's what definitely planned for this year so far:
    • Growing the Megatree from 30 to 40 pixels.
    • Adding a Boscoyo Santa Hat Matrix (This will replace the real estate tune to sign)
    • Pixelizing 15 Really Big Lights to line the sidewalk (About 38' total)
    • Replacing 120V LED icicles on the porch with pixels (Have quote from Ray to do 4,5,6 drops or using DIYLed 2,3,4,5,4,3 icicles)
    • Not shown, but wrapping the porch railing with pixels, 150 should do it. This also replaces the old 120V LEDs.

    I feel that I need something on the right side above the garage. Not sure if I want the 42" wreath or a few 24" snowflakes. Won't do both but not sure which I like better. Won't be doing anything with the garage outline since there's always two cars parked there. The Bradford pear tree on the left will be cut down this year so can't do anything with that either.

    Another thing I'm thinking about is possibly building a Ferris Wheel. It would replace the Snoopy inflatable that's going into retirement. I'm not attached to the other inflatables or the two old deer either...
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