Official Pre-Sale Announcement:

The first DIY LED Express LLC Pre-Sale will run from January 2nd through January 31st. Delivery of product is expected to be around early to mid May.

Our website has been updated with almost all the pre-sales pricing. Again we have seen some substantial decreases in the cost of some of our most popular items! All 12mm pixel strings and power supplies have seen significant price drops! Also be sure to watch for quantity discounts on ALL pixel products and a lot of other products. The more you buy the better price you will receive!

We have also made one minor change to our pixel strings. All PixaBulb, PixaString, 12mm pixels and icicle strings will come with connectors already attached! This means a whole lot less work for everyone! Also included with each string will be a matching female pigtail to attach to the output of your controllers! This will help you save a lot of time building and setting up your display!

For those that have not participated in our pre-sales:

A Pre-sale is a sale that takes place before we have the product on hand. Customer's are offered better pricing with the understanding the order will ship when product arrives.

When the pre-sale closes we place our orders with the manufacturers. The products are then manufactured to our specifications. Once complete the items are loaded into a shipping container and shipped via ocean freighter to the US. Once the shipment arrives in the US (Usually about 25 days after the shipment is sealed) it is then loaded onto a train and then delivered to us.

Thank you