How did the conversion to pixels work our for you? Any pics or vids of it yet?

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I have started in on building one of my two bubblers. I did manage to cut one hole without a hole saw but it wasn't fun or pretty. Hole saw is on order and I did buy an extra bowl, figured I'd break one, so I can do this over... I'll save the messy bowl in case my wife says more are needed.

The lights can be switched out for RGB lights fairly easily. I'm sure those who have seen the insides know this. The pump is an 120v AC pump so that's just a snip and connect to the pump. The circuit board/LEDs comes out easily. There is a hose in the center for the aerator. I've cut circular piece of coro to put in there with a pass through hole for the tube and some channels cut for bullet pixels. I'm going to start testing with bullet pixels tonight and thinking 6 will be perfect.

I'll then use rectangular pixels for under the bowl and use electrical tape to stop bleed over from the tube lights.