I am trying to build some arches and it seems like most people are using 1" or 3/4" Pex (or HDPE if you can find it). Most people mention using Sharkbite brand. This doesn't seem to be available as best I can tell in Canada. Home Depot here carries the 1/2" size in Sharkbite but for 3/4" they sell 'SuperPex' as the brand and it has a white outer layer around a black core which obviously won't work.

I've looked at a plumbing specialty store and they carry Pex-a products like Uponor (previously Wirsbo) and Heatlink but these look slightly yellow-ish and more translucent than the Sharkbite 1/2" (which seems to be Pex-b not Pex-a).

So.. Does anyone know of a place you can either get Sharkbite in Canada or an equivalent looking Pex tubing in 3/4" or 1"? Or HDPE if possible? Alternatively, maybe someone has tried one of these brands above and they look ok/normal?

Looking specifically in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Also, if I end up importing a roll of 1" Sharkbite from the US does anyone have any good experience with 'unrolling' the Sharkbite Pex to use for house edging? Is this a royal pain such that you need to get the 20' straight lengths or is there some trick with heating it or something that works well?