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Thread: PixLite 16 Long Range MkII Controller - Additional?

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    Default PixLite 16 Long Range MkII Controller - Additional?

    I know I need to buy 8 receivers and obviously rj45s, power supplies for each receiver, boxes to put them in etc, but what does the actual "PixLite 16 Long Range MkII Controller" need?

    Does it just need a lower level 12v supply and a container? I couldn't find any info on the Advatek site and I figured someone on here has a few of these. I am beginning my build for next year now with initial research and purchasing as I install.

    This will be a slow conversion to pixilated from LOR and about 80,000 regular led lights with only a few strips of dumb.

    Phase 1, Above Box in 2nd floor attic (where all my internet is) receivers with powersupplies at each corner eave and tower.
    Diffusers, mounting equip, waterproof plugs etc from Holidaycoro using 3:1 pixel ratio (raewoo) for all eaves and wall outlines.
    Wall Outlines will be hung by hooks and small bungee coords holding them down at bottom.
    The external output will be 1 gang boxes at corners of roof with 4 outputs.
    RJ45s to a devoted "christmas" switch that then will connect to main switch in the house (if needed). Christmas switch has access to garage with LOR boxes.

    I want to have this included with my current LOR display and transition more each year. I have been using Xlights for the initial configuration and setup.

    Any suggestions or critiques for my first build? I could go into more detail but you get the idea.

    Thank you for any assistance.


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    Default Re: PixLite 16 Long Range MkII Controller - Additional?

    Hi Devan,

    In terms of the Long Range controller, there are two main type of receiver boards available:

    Standard version:

    Isolated version:

    The receivers are connected back to the long range mainboard by a standard RJ45 Cat5 cable and power for the pixels is supplied at the receiver end.

    The mainboard and receiver boards will both run on any voltage between 5V-24V DC.
    Advatek Lighting


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