The two schools of thought are:
1) A single controller, capable of multi-outputs, even if it is more than what you need - this year.
2) Multiple controllers, each for a specific prop or set of props.

The single controller approach is good if you don't change things from year to year. You can add to it, but changing things can sometimes put up some challenges.
The multiple controller idea is more expensive in the long run, but allows for total movement of props, devices, etc. as each has their own "source".

With the advent of single controllers with remote (farther than 30 feet) capability (e.g., remotes) the lines are blurred.

How does this fit into your question? Simply dream where you want to go with your site. On paper, or in your mind, take it to the point that you think is too much, then back your dream down a hair. Now, which of the above methods work for you for that final dream? That will tell you what you need in the long run. Pick your controller from that dream. Using it in a "lesser" environment is not a problem.