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you really should start a new thread for each new issue. It makes it easier to follow a conversation.

Anyhow. I don't know what you mean by "editor in a bad state".
The backup files are created immediately prior to a save. So in the event a save fails, you have a backup just before the save. Under normal circumstances, the two files should be very similar in content.
Autosave only saves the sequence, not anything to do with the profile. The profile files are only saved when a change happens to the profile.

Best practices: Don't use cloud sync. It is known to corrupt profiles. Treat the files in the vixen profile just like you would with a database file. you'd never cloud sync a sql database file, or an exchange store file.
Always exit the sequence editor when opening display setup. There are cases where it'll work fine without, but also many cases where things won't work as expected until the editor reloads.

What sort of copy and paste artifacts are you experiencing?
I wasn't sure if I should pitch these thoughts directly in the bug tracker or vet them first. Is the preference a new thread? What reminded me to respond is the copy/paste issue. I have a lot of groups, and as I copy and paste effects I frequently get pasted effects on elements and/or groups that are below the location I'm pasting onto (never above from what I can tell). I'd say it happens at least 1 out of every two times I'm pasting, sometimes it's off screen in the editor and I find it through playback checks.