I built a REN32 and DIRKCHEAP SSRs this year for Coro faces. One pair of SSRs is flickering, worse the more load that is put on the SSR set. Like 12 strands total LEDs on the 8 channels on the SSRs. If I turn only 1 or 2 channels on, it's not bad/noticeable. 3 channels on its flickering. And gets worse the more channels that are on. This SSR pair is in the same enclosure as the REN 32. Its inches at most from the transformer on the REN. The network cables are about 6-9 inches long. The other SSRs are just fine. Are there interference concerns? RS485 crosstalk to the short Ethernet cables? The 2 SSRs and the REN all are driven off of the same SPT1 cable. I think that's about all the details. Anyone have any suggestions???

This is on 100%, no dimming.