Hello everyone!

Im soon getting my christmas lights, im putting up 150feet of c7 christmas lights on my roof, about 150 bulbs.
I got a converter with 1000w capacity so it should easily handle 750w from those lights.

Now i got 3 outlets on this converter and i plan on having one string of 50 bulbs on the half side of the house and another string of 50 bulbs on the other side of the house, and another 50 on the garage.
I have three cords im going to use, one that is 20 feet, one that is 40 feet and one that is 80 feet.

So my question is, should i worry about any major voltage drop having those long cords going all the way from the string to the converter, im worrying especially about that 80 feet cord.
Im asking because the more wire you use the more resistance in the cable. I hope you guys can help. Thank you!